10 Best Filter Coffee machines

What can be a better start to a day than a cup of freshly brewed coffee?

It is believed that filter coffee has complications and layering involved with it for the perfect blend. But how about a coffee machine which could prepare a hassle-free filter coffee at your end?

Yes, today we are going to discuss the best deals for the top 10 filter coffee makers available in the market.

How to identify the best filter coffee maker?

Look out for your requirement and the area where you are planning to set your filter. See to it if the coffee-maker has its independent washable filter which can be reused or select those which have disposable paper filters.

Prefer the ones which have reusable filters since they will be cheap and their maintenance will be friendly to your pocket. In addition to these, there are a few filter coffee-makers which come in combo offers.

The primary factor while choosing your coffee maker should be the features you are looking for and the specific details along with the number of cups of coffee it can prepare in a single go.

Editor Choice

I have a habit of being particular as to what I need. Owing to a hectic schedule, I avoid giving my time to regular chores.

I looked out for the best-rated coffee makers when I finally decided to grab my coffee-maker. I possess the Morphy Richards 162010 pour over Filter Coffee maker and am pretty satisfied with the features. Apart from my personal use, I have used Bialetti Combo Coffee and Espresso 35019 which is available in my office and I find these two pretty good for a deal.

10. Philips HD 7546/20

Philips HD 7546/20

It is a 1000W perfect filter coffee maker to refresh your day. You can choose the quality of blend you seek, whether light or strong. It has an insulating steel jug to keep the coffee warm.

The benefit of the jug is that it cannot be damaged if dropped. It can make up to 9 cups of coffee in a single attempt and will automatically shut down once the coffee is made.

Along with the unbreakable jug and automatic shutdown, it has an anti-drip function as an attachment. It is well-suited for non-attentive coffee lovers and can be used for official as well as in-house use.

  • It is a fool-proof machine and will not crack from thermal shockt.
  • The coffee prepared by it will not get cold or over-brewed..
  • You don’t have to be attentive while preparing your coffee as it has an automatic shut-off feature .
  • The filter available in the machine is disposable so needs to be replaced frequently. .

9. Russell Hobbs Brew and Go Coffee Machine

The power capacity for this machine is 650W. It is popularly known as the brew-on-go machine since the coffee is prepared through the filter pods which dispense the ready-to-drink coffee direct to your travel mug.

It has a drip tray attached to it to save any spill-overs, so you need not worry about the mess other coffee machines create. It has a timer which you can set to get your coffee prepared and you can avoid being attentive.

  • The coffee blended in the machine is perfect.
  • The timer is available for programming your brew
  • Preparing coffee is mess-free due to the presence of a drip tray.
  • It does not have a regulator to keep a guard on the temperature of the prepared coffee.
  • It can make only one cup of coffee at a time

8. Tower T13001 10 cup coffee maker

Tower T13001 10 cup coffee maker

The power capacity for the coffee machine is 1000W. It is a classic filter machine available at a reasonable price.

It can prepare 10 cups of coffee at a time and has a permanent filter attached to it. The body of the machine is sleek so it will not take much area for adjustment.

You can easily fit it into a small kitchen or the pantry of your office.

The anti-drip feature of the machine keeps the surface clean. The permanent filter is made of nylon which makes it easy to clean and there is a reduction in waste.

The ideal temperature of the coffee is maintained by the warming plate embedded in the coffee-maker.

  • It is best suited for your budget requirement.
  • It is hassle-free in terms of usage and is easy to clean
  • It has a sleek structure yet a capacity of ten cups.
  • Once you take away the jug, the major trick is to put it back in position.

7. Melitta Aromaelegance Deluxe Filter Coffee Machine

Melitta Aromaelegance Deluxe Filter Coffee Machine

It has a capacity of 1520W. Its shape is in the form of a tapered cone which does not look attractive hence it is not much preferred.

It has a volume indicator and the exterior of the machine is brushed metallic in texture which is the only color available.

It is best-suited for aroma control where each bean is brewed perfectly. It is efficient enough to prepare 15 cups of coffee in one time.

The attachment comprises an additional jug with a programmable hot plate which regulates the temperature of the coffee and the timer gets your coffee instantly, suiting your taste.

  • The freshness along with the aroma is under control.
  • The plate keeps the coffee fresh and the timer is perfect to regulate
  • It takes less time in brewing
  • It is not very pocket-friendly.

6. Smarter Coffee Machine (2nd Generation)

Smarter Coffee Machine (2nd Generation)

The power capacity of the machine is 1025W. It is a smart coffee machine appropriately suitable for tech lovers.

It has a specification in coffee preparation wherein you can make a choice either from bean to cup mode or filter mode.

You can specify the requirements like strength, grinding quality and cups required from the specific regulator.

The perfection for this coffee maker is suitable for the busy yet slightly lazy ones as it gives you can get access to verbal commands and all you got to do is collect the coffee it has prepared in accordance with your requirement.

It gives you can get access to verbal commands and all you got to do is collect the coffee it has prepared in accordance with your requirement.

It can be connected directly with Alexa. Yes, you can specify Alexa to prepare your coffee as per your requirement and enjoy it. It is suitable for home use as well as in a cafeteria.

It can prepare up to 12 cups at a time and the attachment comprises three interchangeable color panels.

  • Alexa compatibility comes with Wi-Fi enablement.
  • The modes available are personalized
  • It is not very pocket-friendly.



The power capacity of the machine is 1000W. It is efficient enough to prepare 10 cups of coffee at a time.

It can suit any contour as per its sleek design which is classy and simple to use. It is a worth buy for small kitchens.

The attachment includes a permanent filter. But the removable parts can be placed in the dishwasher for easy cleaning. The hot plate of the machine automatically switches off after 40 minutes.

  • The design is perfectly compact, sleek yet stylish to look at
  • The well-made parts are sturdy
  • It comes in a single color so it won’t suit all kitchen backgrounds.

4.  Morphy Richards 162010 pour over Filter Coffee maker

Morphy Richards 162010 pour over Filter Coffee maker

The simple-to-use filter coffee maker comes with a power capacity of 900W. It’s the perfect coffee maker for in-house usage.

It has the technology of showerhead pour over which gives you the perfect blended coffee. The black coffee prepared by the machine is unbeatable. It can make 12 cups of coffee at a time.

The reasonably priced machine comes with a timer, permanent filter and adjustable strength to provide you quality coffee.

  • The coffee prepared is perfectly flavored
  • The timer is programmable
  • It is black in color and the written details are also in black which makes it difficult to read the instructions..

3. Tecnora New Classico TCM 107 M

It is a 1050W power coffee machine suited for cappuccino or filtered coffee. The body of the device is plastic and comes in black colour.

It has an Italian pump embedded in it for the perfect flavored coffee. It is light-weighted and the design is sleek. It is rated as the third-best in the market.

It comes with an automatic switch-off feature. The coffee powder capacity for the machine is 200g. It is a reasonable deal to grab.

  • It will give you a hassle-free coffee experience
  • The machine comes with a sample of Arabic coffee powder
  • It comes along with a 2-year warranty
  • Operating: it is comparatively noisy.

2. Bialetti Combo Coffee and Espresso 35019

Bialetti Combo Coffee and Espresso 35019

The brewing capacity of the machine is perfect and it can prepare various coffee types. It takes 8

minutes to brew. The added feature to the coffee machine is an auto shutoff with permanent filter

Along with a built-in milk frother, it can prepare up to 8 cups of coffee at a time.

  • The machine is great to look at since it is compact.
  • It is very easy to use
  • t is classy yet has a stylish look.
  • The features are limited and in accordance with the other automatic machines it is a hindrance.

1.Bella Ultimate Elite Collection

Bella Ultimate Elite Collection

It is black in color and is made up of stainless steel. The brewing time taken by this machine is 9 minutes.

It has inbuilt programming features like auto shutoff, pause and serves a function and the best brew strength control.

It is quite affordable and can get you 12 cups of coffee at a time. It is readily available on the leading online purchase apps.

  • The programming features are trendy and classy to use.
  • The filter is permanent.
  • It comes with an indicator to signify if it requires cleaning..
  • It does not have a thermal mug;

Final Conclusion

The above-mentioned machines have been rated in accordance with their reviews or various experiences and their availability. When are you planning to get yours for a desired cup of coffee? Check out the latest machines that can suit your style whether you seek fully automatic ones or the ones which have combo offerings. Don’t forget to leave a comment so that I can check whether my choice matches yours!

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