20 most expensive coffee shop in the world

Are you fond of coffee? With the average population, the likeness over a cup of coffee has escalated in comparison to other beverages. Have you noticed a hike in the price of your cup of coffee? From your earlier visits to a café shop, you might have observed that the regular charges for your cup of coffee have increased. We often think that this increase might have resulted due to the hike in the rate of coffee beans. But the factual truth behind the hike is variable. There are types when a kind of coffee charges you more than the regular ones, as for example, a simple coffee or an iced coffee will be cheaper in comparison to the cold coffee. And when it comes to the composition for the best cup of coffee we look out for the trendy café shops.

Do you know why people prefer café shops? Usually people reach out for café shops for a formal meeting or a hangout and do not mind spending the extra bucks over a cup of deliciously brewed coffee beans. The coffee industry has faced maturation point drastically in recent years owing to which café is counted the costly places to hang out or relax. The best of the coffee shops now provide a luxurious environment similar to a classified restaurant. Do you know the best rated yet most expensive coffee shops in the world? Today, we are going to discuss about such coffee shops around the world which are luxurious and are the most expensive due to their various other considerable factors.

20. Cabaret Voltaire, Zurich

It is a bar café and serves excellent coffee. It has larger serving time, mostly till 3 am in the morning. You can easily find intellects as well as students around the place. It has an artistic fact to itself and has a décor, more like a monument. This café is supposed to be found in the year 1916 and ever since there is a variety in the crowd you can see here. It is said that during the Second World War, Switzerland was the hub for the artist and intellectuals. And since then, there is a mixed crowd at the cafes. Presently this place is more of a hub for banking and hence if you happen to visit it, you will definitely come across a crowd of bankers in the place. It is a mixture of bar and café shop so you can enjoy the cocktail and even freshly brewed coffee. It is said that the DADA movement is believed to have initiated from Zurich. It is located near the town hall so it is easy to find.


  • The location of the café is prime.
  • The décor is perfect and it will feel more like art once you pay a visit.
  • The price is reasonable in comparison to the others on the list.
  • It has a disco area with the availability of the ball.
  • It has two entrances.


  • To reach out to the coffee area, you will have to cross the bar.
  • The staff is a bit inexperienced.
  • If you are willing to opt for mixed drinks you will probably witness disappointment.

19. Caffe al Bicerin, Turin

Caffe al Bicerin, Turin

The winters at Alpine are really chilling and this place is a boon for the visitors and people around. You can always land at the place for the exquisite cup of coffee. The chocolate and other cream drinks available at the place are ideal for the environment around. It came into existence in the year 1763 and ever since the place has been popular due to the coziness it provides and the luxurious décor. The interior has a covered region of mirrors. The furniture comprises tables which are made of marble and wrought-iron. This shop underwent an upgradation and is a hub for merchants along with the industrialists of the area. It sees visitors from around the globe and amongst the customers, a larger number of wealthy women pay visits to the place. Bicerin is the famous drink of the place.


  • It is the best choice for coffee and chocolate drinks.
  • The atmosphere is warm and the service is perfect.
  • You can hear various languages sitting in the café, owing to the visitors from different regions.
  • The place has the warmth of its own.


  • The area of the café is secluded, so it is difficult finding it.
  • It is quite expensive.
  • If you do not like cream, then probably you will dislike the whipped cream as it is heavier in amount.
  • It has only eight tables so you will have to wait for your turn.

18. Konditori Ritorno, Stockholm

Konditori Ritorno, Stockholm

The place has a retro charm to itself and if you are willing to enjoy a cup of espresso along, you must hang out in the place. This café holds its existence from the year 1959. The tables are made of dark wood and the yellow contour to the walls is unique. It will impart a homely environment with nude oil and the red carpet. The place is generally flooded with youngsters and also elderly customers who are the regular ones to the place. The environment around the place is refreshing and if you are in a habit of refills, you should definitely pay a visit to the place as they have aromatic coffee at their end. Along with the other coffee flavors, you can always ask for the filter coffee as it will have a free refill and the big cream buns get along well with the coffee.


  • They have a variety of cuisines and special diets.
  • The cakes are out of the world, especially if you happen to try the coconut cake.
  • The environment has a pleasant vibe.
  • It has a traditional look to itself.
  • It has places for reading and the music is low.


  • The setting is weird in comparison to the others on the list. But the environment is pleasant to hang around.
  • The area around looks a bit old and worn-out.
  • It is crowded and at times turns out to be noisy.

17. Bar Italia, London

Bar Italia, London

It has a narrow look to the interior but the serving area has a style of the counter. It was earlier a bar, but later as the coffee machines came into existence this place took up the steam-pressured coffee machine and came up as a bar-cum-café. The tricolor of Italy can be seen around the area and the ceilings of the shop are cluttered. It has an appearance of Bohemian which has been supposed to obligate from the market. The place has its own beauty in itself. If you are looking for class and some energizing game around, you can definitely knock to the place to enjoy the game and your cup of desired coffee.


  • It has a gaming environment.
  • You can enjoy the open space as it has a huge area for an open table arrangement.
  • The mirrored walls are unique and it has the Bohemian Soho heart design to the interior which is warm.
  • It opens up for late hours.
  • Sandwiches are excellent.


  • Although the bar is Italian, you will find no Italian in the shop.
  • Though the coffee is expensive, it is watery.

16. Paasterelia- Pedaria Sao Roque, Lisbon

Paasterelia- Pedaria Sao Roque, Lisbon

It provides a strong blend of freshly brewed coffee. You can snack upon various varieties and cakes along with the pastries available at the place which are freshly baked. The environment around is low-lit and the glasses are lead stained which are used for the window. The floor work is wooden and the interior décor is geometrical in shape which imparts uniqueness to its design. The Dutch touch to the edges imparts a luxurious look which is yet classy to look at. A visit to the place makes it more like a dreamland. It is the hub for the diamond merchants. The espresso available at the place is diluted yet tasty and refreshing. It has an open bar facility to it. They have a self-styled baking cathedral. You can have a wandering place of your own if you are to visit this café.


  • The location is unmatchable.
  • The freshly prepared pastries are a treat in themselves.
  • The interior is really luxurious.
  • The servicing is good and the staff members are friendly.


  • If you are interested in the bar you will have to grab your own stool there.
  • The serving area has a booth which is tiny.

15. Zanzibar Café, New South Wales

Zanzibar Café, New South Wales

There is more to this place than just café. Here you can snack the best of delicacies and the perfectly served meals along with the freshly brewed coffee. The presentation at this place holds equal importance as the taste. If you are in Australia, you must pay a visit to the place. But if you think you can just rush to the café and grab a seat, it is not possible as the seats at the end are booked earlier.


  • The variety of food is comparatively cheap and the area is quite busy.
  • There are a variety of options you can order, from starters to main course.
  • It is a good location for vegans.


  • The chips served are salty
  • You need to be specific if you require vegan food.
  • There are not many options for breakfast.
  • Wafers and chips are comparatively weak in quality.

14. The Coffee Academics, Hong Kong The Coffee Academics, Hong Kong

In comparison to the others on the list, it offers comparatively less-costing cup of coffee. Since its existence it has gained popularity and you can know by seeing the rush at the café. The interior of the coffee shop is classy and the designing is sleek. They have variety in coffee offerings, ranging from Barista to other coffee blends which are custom-prepared. The crafted furniture adds beauty to the interior and the unmatchable coffee fulfills the rest.

Café Gambrinus, NaplesPros-

  • The source of the coffee beans is good.
  • The interior of the café is great.
  • The serving attitude is positive.
  • They provide monthly special coffee which is a unique offering.


  • The choice of music at the place is a serious no-no.
  • The cake quality is not that superior as compared to the coffee served here.
  • The food offered is not worth and high-rated.

13. Ralph Coffee New York

Ralph Coffee New York

It is a brand name in itself and is exceptionally popular in New York. Initially the café existed in Tokyo but eventually it shifted to New York as its launch was successful. The famous designer Ralph Lauren decided to open a café in New York. This coffee shop is stationed at 5th Avenue. Apart from the various other styles of coffee, their expertise is the Italian coffee style and to team up with it, they provide variety in snacks and mouth-watering pastries. The interior of the coffee shop is mesmerizing. It has large windows for the natural sunlight and the environment around it is cozy.


  • The seating has group arrangement as well as a single arrangement.
  • The Italian coffee is incomparable.
  • Recommended in the market


  • They do not provide much in coffee varieties as others.
  • The execution is on its basis of reputation and upgrade is missing.

12. Café Tortoni, Buenos Aries

Café Tortoni, Buenos Aries

It is the best amongst the coffee shops in Buenos Aries. We know Buenos Aries for steak and the famous tango but the coffee shop which opened in 1858 is quite popular. The best time to hang out at this café is during the afternoon. The environment around is great and programs like live orchestra along with Tango Milongas can easily be found to take place.


  • The aroma along with the taste of the coffee is mesmerizing.
  • The service provided is quite good
  • It is a nice stop-by location and you can choose the pastry along with the coffee.


  • The waiting line is eminent in spite of a few empty chairs inside.
  • The food offered is not quite good; at times you can find them stale.

11. Gucci cafe, Tokyo

Gucci cafe Tokyo

This café comes in the category of branded coffee shops. It has its base in Tokyo and is particularly famous amongst business people. Amongst the various visitors at the café, it is an ideal place for the business women around. A simple espresso at this shop may cost you $9. And if you are willing to take away the chocolate with you, it will cost you $26 and the uniqueness about the chocolates at this place is that they have the logo design of Gucci on it. The interior design of the café is very relaxing which makes it look luxurious yet classy. If you happen to pay a visit to Tokyo, you must visit the place.


  • The coffee offered is perfect.
  • Services offered are professionally handled.


  • It works on the reputation of its brand, and during the offseason, you might lack witnessing crowd.
  • It is not as popular as the brand.

10. VOGUE café, Moscow

VOGUE café, Moscow

The café is well-known for the exquisite delicacies along with the coffee. Since it is located in the capital of Russia, it the best venue for European as well as Russian food. It is considered to have held its business since 2003. Its interior is totally extravagant. Amongst the beautiful flowers and the smell of freshly brewed coffee, you will feel like having a seat in heaven amidst the availability of crystal glasses of wine. It is a place worth holding a memory!


  • The interior design is perfectly styled.
  • The menu is exclusive and is blended well with traditional dishes.
  • The signature dishes are mouth-watering and have a fresh aroma to them.


  • A larger number of offerings make it difficult to finalize the choice.

9. Oriole Café, Singapore

Oriole Café, Singapore

The place is a hub for shopping and entertainment. Situated at the Orchard road, it has gained importance for the offering of the brewed coffee. The coffee found here is generally strong and the pastries are unmatchable. The interior is perfectly designed, depicting a coffee shop with soothing lights and low music. The furniture is luxurious, made of dark wood. You can surely opt for a cup of brewed coffee to get rid of day tiredness amidst the designing and the styling of the café. They have a training lab on their upper floor which you might like visiting.


  • The coffee is blended perfectly.
  • It has a variety of coffee wherein they will not taste bitter and will be perfect to taste.
  • Its location is worthy since the malls are around the shop.
  • The coffee is really hard and can keep you up for long.


  • The sound system is not good as even the low music can interfere with your conversation.
  • The servicing staff is not effective. You might face issues if you are not carrying change.
  • You might have to wait quite long for the order to be delivered.

8. Antico Caffe Greco, Rome

Antico Caffe Greco, Rome

Situated in Italy, it is amongst the oldest café in the place. The history of this place costs more in comparison to the charge of 10 euros per cup of coffee. This place is very famous for the quality of brewed coffee. The environment is luxurious and has an ancient look to itself. You might not know but Casanova has paid a visit here for just a cup of coffee so you must visit the place and acknowledge the history it has. In the earlier times this used to be a place where people would assemble together and discuss over literature. You could even get to hear poetry or a few famous verses in the environment. It was popularly known as “café litteraire”. It has a bar facility and its freshly prepared food draws attention to the place.


  • The monument appearance to the shop makes it more than a simple café at the region.
  • Quality and servicing are good.
  • Availability of free Wi-Fi for an hour.
  • You can snack through pastries and sandwiches available here.


  • It is quite costly.
  • The servicing is slow owing to the crowd in the café.

7. Café Gambrinus, Naples

Café Gambrinus, Naples

It is yet another famous café in Italy. The interiors are the wonder of this place. It had been a place of visit for famous people like Oscar Wilde. A cup of hot chocolate would cost you 10 Euros at this place. But as said, a simple look at the architecture and the interior is worth the price.


  • The cracking deal in the café is the Italian coffee prepared by them.
  • It has a place where you can walk by and enjoy the paintings and the portraits.
  • It is close to a pizza place of the area.
  • The display of the cakes with other sweets looks really tasty.


  • The coffee is quite costly.
  • Servicing is a bit slow.

6. Emporio Armani caffe, Dubai

Emporio Armani caffe, Dubai

The interior to the place is simple yet classy. It does not cost as the other cafes in Italy but still, there are other benefits of this café. It is situated inside a mall in Dubai. The quality of coffee offered is unmatchable but it has a variety of offerings in its menu. Although the place has seen the recession recently, still you can get the perfect blend of coffee at this place.


  • The surroundings are good and are a treat to the eye.
  • The area is open which is a feathered fact about the café.
  • The desserts are delicious and one cannot resist to.
  • No prior reservation is required as they are quick in adjusting.


  • Service is really bad.
  • The staff changes frequently.
  • The place is quite costly but still comparable.

5. Roberto cavalla, St. Tropez

Roberto cavalla, St. Tropez

They offer a variable menu depending upon the time of your visit. It is a designer café which has come into existence recently. The suit changes each time of day. The interior possesses animal prints which change depending on the time of day. In their happy hours, they provide live music and DJ. It is suitable for day as well as night. And along with the coffee, you can always try the variety of dishes on the menu. If you happen to visit the place, you must take a trip to Roberto Cavalla.


  • The place has its own styling quotient and is perfect.
  • You can pay a visit to any time of the day or night.
  • The food is perfect and you can always team it up with classified wine.


  • If the restaurant is empty do not risk going in.
  • The quantity of food offered is small.
  • The dinner experiences are generally not good.

4. Café De la Paix, Paris

Café De la Paix, Paris

The location of the café is opposite to the opera house. It has availability of meals apart from a cup of coffee and a few snacks. The area is absolutely classy. Though the place is costly where a simple breakfast might cost you 85 Euros, still you must pay a visit to the place. It has an exceptional look to it which cannot be explained. The dishes are presented well and they combine well with drinks. If you have tried the coffee or the meals, never leave the café without tasting the hot chocolate. They have the best of hot chocolate at their end.


  • It is very beautiful yet traditional on appearance.
  • There is a variety to the menu.
  • Servicing is good.


  • Desserts take time to come.
  • They lack the feedback report which would be helpful for the business of the café.

3. Bulgari, Tokyo

Bulgari, Tokyo cafe

It is a bar cum café shop wherein it is much costly than the Gucci café of the place. A single piece of chocolate from the very place will cost you $16. However, the quality offered is far better than Gucci. The interior has a neutral tone which imparts a luxurious look to the environment. So if you have paid a visit to Tokyo, you must enjoy the coffee and the delicious chocolate of Bulgari. It has an urban culture which is quite luxurious. The café has officially collaborated with Dom Perignon and hence you can enjoy the perfect glass of Dom Perignon in its luxurious environment.


  • Servicing is good.
  • It has a lift facility and you can easily locate the building.
  • You can enjoy the bespoke drinks in the café.
  • You can even enjoy the variety of tea.
  • The preparations are experimental so you can tease your taste buds.


  • The serving is quite small hence the price is competitive in the menu.
  • The ambiance is average and not exceptional.
  • It is somewhat upselling.

2. Bloomsbury Café, Dubai

Bloomsbury Café, Dubai

The café is well known for its luxurious contour. It has a variety to offer but the cup-cakes are world famous and you cannot get a better taste than the ones found here. It holds the record of selling the most expensive cupcakes which cost $1000. It is a famous place in Dubai and is suitably luxurious.


  • The décor is trendy and at the same time it is funky.
  • Cakes selection is unique and they have a variety to it.
  • Coffee available here is simply great.
  • The mall location is appropriate for chilling.
  • You will not have to wait for having a seat.


  • The lighting is quite bright to the environment.
  • It is quite expensive when put to compete.

1. Café Florian, Venice

Café Florian, Venice

It is an ancient café and holds its existence from the 18th century. In the earlier times the females did not use to go out much. This café is considered to be the first to permit females in the café shop. The shop is divided into a museum and a shop. The museum part has the artifacts and the dim glowing lights blend perfectly to the environment. You can enjoy the perfect aromatic coffee amidst the history of your time.


  • It has the availability of open space which you can enjoy.
  • Their servicing is good and the staff is friendly.
  • Drinks along with other delicacies are available.


  • Orchestra charges are additional.
  • The deserts take time to be delivered.

Editor’s pick-

When it comes to coffee shops, the saturation has evolved. Since, with the onset of Starbucks and other coffee shops, the comparatively cheaper ones agreed on either enhancing their rates to stay in the market or preferred closing their shops. Presently most of the renowned coffee shops in the world are either branded or are into existence from a larger period of time and evolved their business outrun. When you are choosing your coffee shop there are various factors to consider. There is a possibility that a similar type of coffee would charge more in comparison to your regular coffee shop. But with each additional charge, there is an added taste to your regular coffee order. So if you are planning of trying a new coffee shop, prefer the ones which they are popularly known.

I have not had a world tour so that I could have a taste of the variety in coffee these particular shops offer but since I often pay a visit to Hong Kong, I have definitely tried the coffee at the Coffee Academics and it was really delicious, by far the best I had tasted. But the cake was not at all good. So I would only prefer the coffee if I pay a visit to the place. Apart from it, I have tried the chocolates of Gucci as I had a gift from my friend and probably will get the ones from Bulgari. I have heard about the taste of the other coffee shops and am willing to try them with the time coming by.

If you have tried any of these coffee shops, do let me know which one I should get going for as the list goes on when you come on to a detour. Hope to see more of the shops in the coming by years!

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